e-Clinic Plus

Total Clinic management Solution.

Total Clinic management solution for doctors to manage their clinic in efficient ways
This solution is targeted to the doctors who are having busy schedule throughout day,
Functionality includes,

Functions included in this products
  1. Appointment management for multiple clinics.
  2. Patient Medical history for reference.
  3. OPD Management.
  4. Prescription Management.
  5. Clinic Inventory.
  6. Medical Certificates for Patients.
  7. Payment receipts.
  8. Cash collections reports.

e-Housing Society

Complete solution for managing housing society.

This product caters needs to manage housing societies of various sizes, In current age, where members and committee members are busy in their commitments, No one is having time to carry out this responsibility,

Result of this get affected on all facilities of society, For example downtime of lift or other facilities, unefficient security guards, Non transparent financial transactions, Long list of maintainace recovery list, By considering above practical problems, we build this solution.

Functions included in this products are

Functions included in this products
  1. Member management
  2. Complaint Management
  3. Maintaince Register
  4. Meeting management
  5. Document Management
  6. Daily Financial Transaction management
  7. Member portal
  8. Discussion forum for members
  9. Amenity Booking Management
  10. Transfer Register
  11. Parking Slot management
  12. Special Contribution Management
  13. Account Book Management
  14. Various useful reports like Maintenance Outstanding, List of Members, Meeting Notice, Minutes of meeting, Parking slots allotments, Transfer register etc.


ERP solution for small to medium business.

This product is small ERP for mid-scale trading company, Small Trading company will need to manage their manpower and finance effectively to take business decisions, This product is very handy and useful as it has device independent Web UI which can be viewed on Mobile devices as well as browsers, Functions included in this product are

Functions included in this products
  1. Enquiry Management
  2. Customer Management
  3. Invoicing and Billing Management
  4. Inventory
  5. Payroll
  6. Quotation management
  7. Customer relationship management
  8. Bank Account management
  9. flexible tax management.

Online Examination

Online Examination Management systems for private institutes and schools.

Web based Application to manage examination. Nowadays with the growing trends of competitive exams from school level, Student needs to prepare well in order to take competitive edge in these exams , Online examination will help them to achieve this by accurate evaluation and analysis , Administrator can manage exam and schedules while candidate can appear for exam and can get analytical results so that he can aware what he need to study in order to achieve even more , Once he achieves constant result, he will be ready for real exam with raised confidence level.

Following are the features of Online examination
  1. Question Bank Management.
  2. Creation of Exams.
  3. Schedule Exams.
  4. Exam history.
  5. Creation of Exam schedules.

User / Student
  1. Browse through the list of related exams.
  2. Attend Exam.
  3. Can get Evaluated analytical result.
  4. View Exam history.


Library management solution for any size of library

A complete web based Library management system , Need of current age is to access library from anywhere and from any devices , we caters this need and come out with the perfect solution for library , Our product has two consoles , Admin/Librarian console and Student / Consumer console

Following are the list of Functionality in libman
Librarian / Staff
  1. Member management
  2. Book inventory management
  3. Issue/ Submit books
  4. User management
  5. Book maintenance management
  6. Book location tracking
User / Consumer/ Student
  1. Search through books in the Library
  2. Block book for specified hours
  3. Alert for Due date in dashboard


Solution for Share broking firm to manage customers and their transactions.


Solution to manage medical shop and medicine dealers.


Attendance management system for atomic management of attendance.

This is attendance management system, it will help organizations to keep records of attendance of their employees, Shift management, Leave and holiday management is also part of this application This application can be integrated with the biometric attendance machine,

Features included are

  1. Daily Attendance
  2. Shift creation
  3. Shift allocation
  4. Leave allotment
  5. Holiday Calendar
  6. Leave application
  7. Daily in/out report
  8. Monthly Employee wise attendance report
  9. Gate pass
  10. Daily early going report
  11. Daily late coming report
  12. Yearly leave allotment report
  13. Monthly performance

Check Book Organizer

Check book and bank account Organizer.

Nowadays every individual or organizations have multiple accounts in bank and it is difficult to manage cheque book manually, this application manages cheque book information with user friendly navigation. It can also print cheque book to avoid human mistakes

Features included are

  1. Bank account management
  2. Cheque book entries
  3. Cheque book printing
  4. Creation of templates for each bank
  5. Cheque Issue Report
  6. Balance cross check before Cheque Issue.

Institute Management System

To Effectively manage day to day activities.

This application is for end to end management of institute , Nowadays with growing sizes of private institute , Efficient management application is needed to properly manage this institute , Application addresses this need and come out with the perfect solution.

Feature included are,
  1. Student Information management
  2. Course management
  3. Faculty Information management
  4. Time table creation
  5. Admission process
  6. Fees collection
  7. Progress Monitoring
  8. Students/Faculty/Staff attendance management
  9. Historical data of Student
  10. Fees outstanding report
  11. Fees paid report
  12. Display Notices


e-HR Dashboard

e-HR Dashboard

With growing sizes of organization HR Functions become complicated and need proper solution to manage day to day activities of HR, This application help HR to manage all HR related activities with simple and user friendly application

Following are the feature included,
  1. Registration of candidate for interview
  2. Schedule Interview
  3. Interview process
  4. Shortlisting of candidate
  5. Offer letter generation
  6. Training Calendar
  7. Employee Appraisal
  8. Leave Management
  9. Salary structure creation
  10. Exit interview
  11. Hiring Report
  12. Candidate Report
  13. Location Wise attrition report
  14. Reason wise attrition report.
  15. Training Report


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